4.5 inch Twin RP 41 MGT Mark VI

4.5 inch Twin RP 41 mtg mark vi This Gun is an example of the engineering expertise of the people of Ordnance Factory Bendigo   4.5 inch twin gun mount has a range of 20km with a rate of 20 rounds per minute and were manufactured under licence in Bendigo between 1949 and 1961. The… Continue reading 4.5 inch Twin RP 41 MGT Mark VI

40 mm Anti Aircraft (BOFORS) gun

40 mm Anti Aircraft (BOFORS) gun In the early 1930’s the 40 mm gun was developed for defence against low flying aircraft by the Swedish Armament Manufacturer ‘Bofors’. The 40mm Bofors was an extremely versatile gun. Apart from its prime role it was used as an anti-tank weapon, against torpedo-boats in harbour defence, in neutralising… Continue reading 40 mm Anti Aircraft (BOFORS) gun


Bushmaster – Bendigo built This is BM1 or Bushmaster 001. Bushmaster 001 is actually the second Bushmaster build by Thales Australia (formally ADI) here in Bendigo, with the first vehicle remaining ADI property and later being converted to a ute variant.   This was 1 of 3 vehicles developed and built for the trial and… Continue reading Bushmaster

The Spitfire

The Spitfire The Supermarine Spitfire This is a scale 1 to 1 model of a British Mark VIII Supermarine Spitfire built by Calvert Hargreaves of Kangaroo Flat and could be seen on the front lawn of his home for many years. It has been repainted symbolically with the RAAF’s 457 Squadron “sharks teeth”. The Grey… Continue reading The Spitfire

Leopard Tank

The Leopard Tank The Leopard Main Battle TankA troop of MK2 Leopard tanks came from 1Armoured Regiment, Puckapunyal and accompanied the troops from Fortuna Army Survey Regiment on their Freedom of the City Parade through the streets of Bendigo in 1983 travelling down Mitchell Street and along Pall Mall for the salute outside the Soldiers… Continue reading Leopard Tank

Sea Mine

The Sea Mine Mark XVII The sea mine essentially comprises of two 40 inch (102cm) diameter spheres joined by an 8 inch (20cm) belt. The mine is 48 inches (122cm) high.The MK 17 sea mine can be held at a calculated depth beneath the surface by a cable or a mooring chain that is attached… Continue reading Sea Mine

Service Wagon

The General Service Wagon The British horse drawn general service wagon started circa 1860. It had two or more horses and it could be driven from a box seat or by mounted drivers on the horses.The Mark X and XI patterns were produced in Great Britain in 1905.The average wagon length was 2.7m and was… Continue reading Service Wagon

Centurion Tank

The Centurion Tank The Centurion Main Battle Tank (nicknamed “Bullwinkle”)This particular Centurion was prepared for war in Vietnam but did not leave Australia. Australia had 143 Centurions of all variants including battle tanks, recovery vehicles, bridge layers and tank dozersThe Centurion Tank was purchased by the Bendigo District RSL on the 14th June 2007 Model: Mark… Continue reading Centurion Tank

Bren Gun Carrier

The Bren Gun Carrier The Bren Gun Carriers were used extensively in every campaign during WWII and loads varied, it was common to find the carrier employed in a number of roles e.g. carrying ammunition, infantry support weapons such as medium mortar, medium machine guns (usually the .303 Vickers machine gun).The carriers were also used… Continue reading Bren Gun Carrier

Bofor Gun Mount

The 40/60 Naval 40mm Bofor Gun Mount The 40/60 Naval 40mm Bofor Gun Mount is more commonly referred to as the Bofor Gun Mount.The Bofor 4omm gun, often referred to simply as the “Bofor gun” is an anti-aircraft/multi-purpose autocannon designed in the 1930’s by the Swedish arms manufacturers AB Bofors. It was one of the… Continue reading Bofor Gun Mount