4.5 inch Twin RP 41 mtg mark vi

This Gun is an example of the engineering expertise of the people of Ordnance Factory Bendigo


4.5 inch twin gun mount has a range of 20km with a rate of 20 rounds per minute and were manufactured under licence in Bendigo between 1949 and 1961. The first one delivered on 8 May 1950 for H.M.A.S Anzac.


These guns were installed on Daring, River and Battle class destroyers of the Royal Australian Navy.


There was an on going refurbishment program in Bendigo until 1986. The only remaining working training gun at the Navy Gunnery School in Flinders Victoria fired its last shot in December 2005. This example was made in the U.K. and modified for R.A.N. configuration by the Ordnance Factory Bendigo and is on loan from the Commonwealth and ADI Limited Bendigo formally Ordnance Factory Bendigo.