The General Service Wagon

The British horse drawn general service wagon started circa 1860. It had two or more horses and it could be driven from a box seat or by mounted drivers on the horses.
The Mark X and XI patterns were produced in Great Britain in 1905.
The average wagon length was 2.7m and was used for heavy haulage.
The item arrived at the Bendigo District RSL via a private donation from a donor in Elmore. It was restored in 2015 in time for the Centenary of ANZAC to begin and was used during that years ANZAC day service.


Model: Mark X*
Serial Number: 190038
Year of Manufacture: 1918
Manufacturer: B.E.E. Co Ltd- Australia
Country of Production: Australia

Australian Operations: WWI and a number were still in use in Australia at the outbreak of WWII