The Centurion Tank

The Centurion Main Battle Tank (nicknamed “Bullwinkle”)
This particular Centurion was prepared for war in Vietnam but did not leave Australia. Australia had 143 Centurions of all variants including battle tanks, recovery vehicles, bridge layers and tank dozers
The Centurion Tank was purchased by the Bendigo District RSL on the 14th June 2007

Model: Mark 5/1
Serial Number: 169095 ARN
Year of Manufacture: c1952
Manufacturers: Leyland, Royal Ordnance Factory & Vickers
Country of Production: United Kingdom



Crew: 4
Armament: Main Gun 20pdr (Calibre 83.4mm).
Secondary Armament: 1 x 0.5inch cal. ranging gun, 1 x 0.3inch cal. coaxial MG and 1 x 0.3inch cal. flexible mounted MG
Armour: Maximum thickness is 152mm- the turret is cast steel
Power Plant: Rolls Royce Meteor MK 4B V12 Petrol Engine 650bhp
Gears: Non Synchronised Gearbox 5 forward, 2 revers with high ration in reverse
Weight: 54 Tonnes
Speed: Maximum 35 km/ph
Range: 450 km
Suspension: Horstmann Suspension

Vietnam Centurions: C Squadron of the First Armoured Regiment was first deployed to South Vietnam in February 1968 with the HQ at Nui Dat. B Squadron served in 1969,  A Squadron served in 1970 and C Squadron in 1971. After 3 and a half years of combat operations 58 Centurions has served in SVN, 42 suffered battle damage of which 6 were beyond repair. Two Royal Australian Armoured Corps crewmen paid the supreme sacrifice.