The Sea Mine Mark XVII

The sea mine essentially comprises of two 40 inch (102cm) diameter spheres joined by an 8 inch (20cm) belt. The mine is 48 inches (122cm) high.
The MK 17 sea mine can be held at a calculated depth beneath the surface by a cable or a mooring chain that is attached to a sinker that rests on the sea bed.
Moored mines were used for defensive purposes during war around ports and harbours and were laid by surface mine layers.
Donated privately to the Bendigo District RSL Sub-Branch, this particular mines was used as a water tank on a farm near Elmore.

Serial Number: HP 14586
Country of Production: This mine is a British pattern mine but thousands of these were made in Australia during WWII, including at the Ordnance Factory (Thales) Bendigo.



Weight Mine: 560kg approximately
Weight Sinker Base: 600kg
Fuse: This model used an electrically switched fuse in each of the horns
Explosive: There were three charge sizes available- 145kg, 204kg and 227kg
 The mine could be used down to depths of 500 fathoms