Bushmaster - Bendigo built

This is BM1 or Bushmaster 001. Bushmaster 001 is actually the second Bushmaster build by Thales Australia (formally ADI) here in Bendigo, with the first vehicle remaining ADI property and later being converted to a ute variant.


This was 1 of 3 vehicles developed and built for the trial and acquisition testing as part of the LAND 116 Project Bushranger. Bushmaster 002 is on display in Canberra at the Australian War Memorial and Bushmaster 003 was blown up as part of trials and testing.
During this process BM1 saw service with Australian Forces in East Timor in 2001.


BM1 is a left-hand drive 4wheel drive vehicle that set the foundation for the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle that is in service now with the Australian Defence Force and multiple other nations.


Model: BM1
Serial Number: BMA-A00-001-001
GVM: 15t
Engine: Caterpillar 3126b 6 cylinder turbo diesel.
Transmission: Allison
Weight: 12.5t (15t battle laden)
Crew: 9 Occupants
Year of Manufacture: August 1999
Manufacturer: Thales
Country of Production: Australia


The Bushmaster PMV came into service with the Australian Defence Force in 2005. Its v-shaped monocoque hull provides a high degree of protection against Improvised Explosive Devices, deflecting blasts away from the vehicle and its occupants – and it is this feature which has predominantly saved the lives of many Australian Defence Forces personnel on recent combat operations. The armour and ballistic windows provide protection against small arms fire up to around 7.62mm calibre.


The driver and commander are seated at the front with large bulletproof windows to their front and sides. The Bushmaster carries a total of 8 fully equipped infantrymen. The crew and infantrymen normally enter and leave the vehicle through a door located at the rear of the hull.
Since the deployment of the proto-types into East Timor (Including BM1), the Bushmaster has been extensively deployed on combat operations with Australian Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bushmaster has also served in numerous other locations with other country users.

The Bendigo built Bushmaster is considered one of the most successful military vehicles in operation today and is loved and trusted by the troops who have served in it.


Data For Bushmaster PMV Troop variant:

Engine: Caterpillar 3126E 6 Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel 224Kw (300hp)
Transmission: ZF ECOMAT 6 Speed
Weight: 12,500 kilograms
Length: 7.18 metres
Width: 2.48 metres
Height: 2.65 metres
Operational range: 800 kilometres
Maximum speed: Over 100 kilometres per hour
Crew: 10 Occupants
Armament: 3 x pintle mounts for 5.56mm or 7.62mm machine guns standard.

The vehicle can also be fitted with a remote weapon station armed with 12.7mm (.50cal) MG. (Remote weapon station can also support a 30mm Cannon) or a heavy weapon mount on the front pintle that can be fitted with either a 12.7mm (.50cal) MG or MK19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL).


Other Variants include:

  • Command
  • Ambulance
  • Direct Fire Support (Heavy Weapons)
  • Mortar
  • Electronic Warfare
  • General Maintenance
  • Air Defence