The Bren Gun Carrier

The Bren Gun Carriers were used extensively in every campaign during WWII and loads varied, it was common to find the carrier employed in a number of roles e.g. carrying ammunition, infantry support weapons such as medium mortar, medium machine guns (usually the .303 Vickers machine gun).
The carriers were also used for towing anti-tank guns and trailers; because it was fully tracked, it proved to be a reasonably good cross country vehicle and it was both agile and very fast for it’s time. It was controlled by a small steering wheel and steering brakes.
Australia made approximately 5600 Bren Gun Carriers. they were also made in the following factories: Ford, Homebush, NSW / Victorian Railways Workshops / Railway Workshops, Islington, SA / State Engineering Workshops, Freemantle, WA

The item arrived at the Bendigo District RSL Sub-Branch via a private donation.

Model: Mg No. 2A (often referred to as a Mark 2)
Serial Number: 3820
Year of Manufacture: 1939-1945
Manufacturer: Metropolitan Gas Company, Fitzroy, Victoria
Country of Production: Australia



Crew: 2-5
Length: 3.75m
Power Plant: Ford V8 water cooled engine, 86 brake horsepower at 3500rpm
Axles: The model 2A used commercial Fordtruck axles
50 km/hr
256 km
Armour: 12mm steel plate. Earlier models had rivetted plate armour but welded joins became the preferred method of construction
Armament: Usually a BREN .303 machine gun. Some models used a VICJERS machine gun or a BOYS .55 calibre anti-tank rifle. Models were made with 3 inch mortars, 2 PDR anti-tank cannons and flame throwers