The Leopard Tank

The Leopard Main Battle Tank
A troop of MK2 Leopard tanks came from 1Armoured Regiment, Puckapunyal and accompanied the troops from Fortuna Army Survey Regiment on their Freedom of the City Parade through the streets of Bendigo in 1983 travelling down Mitchell Street and along Pall Mall for the salute outside the Soldiers Memorial Institute.
The Leopard Tank was donated by the Australian Government in 2010

Model: Leopard AS1 (K-M designation is 1A4)
Serial Number: 27741 (ARN)
Year of Manufacture: c1976
Manufacturer: Krauss – Maffei
Country of Production: Germany



Crew: 4
Armament: Main Gun 105mm L7a3
Secondary Armament: Two MG3 machine guns
Armour: The Leopard AS1 uses spaced armour technology
Power Plant: V10 Daimler Benz twin supercharged diesel 880hp
Gears: 4 forward, 2 reverse
Weight: 42.2 Tonnes
Speed: Up to 62 km/hr
Range: 400 km to 600 km
Suspension: Torsion bar suspension
Attachments: Mine plough, mine clearing roller system, dozer blade

Theatre of War: Used by NATO Forces. In Australia they were based in Darwin (NT) and Puckapunyal (VIC)