The Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

The Armoured Personnel Carrier, more commonly referred to as the APC came into service in 1967.

Armoured personnel carriers (APCs) are tracked armoured vehicles that are used for transporting infantry into battle. APCs first appeared in large numbers early in World War II when the German army adopted them to carry the infantry contingents of their panzer and panzer grenadier divisions into battle. After World War II, improvements to APCs made them even more capable of accompanying tanks into battle
APCs carried a crew of 2 (Driver and Commander) plus several dismounts, either infantry, Cavalry assault troops, engineers or other troops.
The APC’s were integrated and manned by Cavalry, Armoured and Mechanised Infantry Regiments.


Service Information:

  • Vietnam 1968/1969 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Call Sign (C/S) 20A.
  • Most likely have seen service in Somalia as part of Unified Task Force Somalia (UNITAF) 1992-1993 and Rwanda as part of UNAMIR (United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda) with B Squadron 3/4 Cavalry Regiment and 5/7 RAR, 1994-96
  • Saw operational service in East Timor with B Squadron 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment from October 1999 as part of Operation Warden, INTERFET (International Force for East Timor). It was used extensively for patrol and security duties mainly in border regions in support of 2 RAR infantry companies, and on independent operations by day and night
  • Crewed by the relieving force from 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment as part of UNTAET 9United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor) from October 2000 to April 2001. C/S U12A and was named ‘’A Dry Tour’’.



Crew: 2
Other troops: 11
Engine: Detroit Diesel 6 Cylinder 275hp
Weight: 11t
Length: 4.8m
Height: 2.5m
Width: 2.6m
Top speed  (road): 65 kph
Top speed (water): 6 kph
Range: 476 kilometers (300 miles)
Armament: Originally fitted with a single .50 calibre machinegun, mounted in a pintle above the crew commander’s position. It was subsequently fitted with an Aircrfts Armament Incorporated M 74C turret, and later, with its current Cadillac Gage T50 turret.With the T50 turret it initially carried only twin .30 calibre machine guns. In later service the APC with T50 Turret carried the 30 cal/50cal combination and after the .30cal was retired from service single .50cal. The T50 turret was initially fitted with an optical sight, however in later years this was removed, and the guns were solely aimed using ranging bursts of 6-10 rounds (2 tracer).